Aria Pro 2

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Universally Compatible Low Latency Wireless Headphones for TV & Transmitter Set with Charging Dock.

$109.00 USD
  • FLEXIBLE USAGE - Whether working from home or enjoying music on the go, the Aria Pro 2 is built to meet your needs. Its high-quality microphone is conveniently detachable, so you can finish a meeting in peace, store the mic away, and continue listening with no extra pieces in the way.
  • SUPERIOR MIC QUALITY - With a mix of noise cancellation technologies to pick up your voice while filtering out environmental noise, the Aria Pro 2 headset ensures you’ll be heard loud and clear in all your calls and meetings. Be confident in taking calls wherever you are, whether at home, in a cafe, or traveling.
  • SIDETONE FUNCTIONALITY - The Aria Pro 2’s sidetone functionality allows you to hear and monitor your own voice when using the detachable mic. You’ll know instantly if you accidentally mute yourself or if your voice isn’t coming through clearly, so you’ll be able to easily and quickly make any needed adjustments.
  • DUAL CONNECTIVITY - Aria Pro 2 allows you to simultaneously connect to both a PC / laptop and your phone. Its multipoint technology helps you switch seamlessly and automatically between both devices.
  • ACTIVE NOISE CANCELLATION - The Aria Pro 2 headphones feature built-in noise canceling technology, so when you’re listening on a call at home or listening to music outside, background noises are diminished while high-quality sound comes through.

• Bluetooth Version: 5.1

• Supported Profiles: HFP, HSP, A2DP and AVRCP

• Operation Range: Class 2, 10 meters

• Driver Diameter: φ40mm

• Impedance: 32Ω

• Frequency Response: 20Hz ~20KHz

• Talk Time: up to 20hrs (at 60% volume)

• Charging Time: About 2 hrs

• Headset Weight: About 100g

• Ear Pad Size: φ67mm

What's in the box

Aria Pro 2 wireless headphone

Detachable boom microphone

Charging cable (1M / 3FT)

AUX audio cable (1.2M / 4FT)


With You Wherever

Cozy Home

Noisy Cafe

Lively Street

Busy Airport

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Be H.

Super Comfortable

Great headphones if you need to wear them all day. Cushy pads yet lightweight and not sweaty. The sound is great for calls good for music. Not the best at noise cancelation but the comfort makes up for that.


Clear calls okay nc decent sound

Comparing to my quiet comfort headset I'd say it's about 70-75% as good but it does run half the price ($100 at time of order). The sound quality is okay calls go well. The biggest weakness is the noise cancellation which is not very solid but makes an attempt.

Golden D.

Nice For The Price. VERY Comfortable With Plush-Feeling Pads!

The Avantalk Aria 2 - Qualcomm aptX-HD Bluetooth Headphones With Noise-Filtering Mic are plush-feeling very comfortable headphones that work well for listening to music and other audio and for calls. I like that I can easily switch from calls to my music and I appreciate the removable mic. The sound is clear and the mic works well. The noise-filtering mic and noise cancellation works as I have been checking to ensure that all features function properly. The noise cancellation is not the best but it is indeed good. They are offered at a nice price point making them a great value considering the nice quality and sound. They a very comfortable and feel great on my ears. I have been using them during the day in my home office and studio for calls and to listen to music. So far the quality and sound work well and I love how they feel on my ears! I look forward to putting them on. They are performing well and if there are any changes as always I will update here. Enjoy!


Not Great Product Needs Improvement.

Ok out of the box the headset feels very very small that of a childs sized pair. The earcups are very comfy the band is a bit too loose and creates a space between the ear and the earcup so noise can easily be heard and interferes with the ability to hear from the product. The battery charged in about 2-3 hours and lasted the majority of the day. The sound i would compare to a cheap cell phone headset and the microphone was even worst and sounded as your robotic and nothing could be done to improve either quality over 2 weeks usage. Overall i gave it a 2 stars because if your a child and this was connected to say your tablet for small games or video calls it would be ok otherwise it needs serious improvement.

dustin a.

Over the ear headphones

The sound quality on these is great honestly. I've never owned an over the ear headset before and being wireless I was concerned they wouldn't last long but the battery life had been great. I can listen to music for hours and hours. The microphone works but I'm glad it's removable because I don't use it. The headset is very adjustable the earphones rotate a little and the strap is extendable so it fits comfortably on anyone's head. The controls built into the headset are easy to manipulate but did take some time to figure out and remember what they were.

Amazon C.

Decent Quality / Good Value

These headphones are quite comfortable and fit my large head well. They paired easily with my laptop with the use of a bluetooth adapter. They have good sound quality and their noise cancelling also works well. I like that they adjust to fit my large head and are comfortable to wear even for long periods of time. These are a good set of what I would call the high end of average headphones. I've used nicer headphones but those also cost more. I think these are a good product at a good price point.



I'm very impressed with these headphones. For the price I didn't expect the world but after using them on a dozen occasions I find they compare favorably with my Bose sound-canceling headphones. The noise canceling quality allows me to 'cancel' the jet engine noise during trips. The sound quality is also excellent -- highs lows bass and especially mid-range spoken words are very clear. The headphones charge fully in about 70 minutes and the battery lasts a long time. Unlike the Bose headphones there is no case or accessories included but for the $300 additional that Bose charges I can buy my own and have a lot of money left over.

James M.

Excellent performance for the price point

I've got several products from Avantalk and they've all been very good. This one is another along that same theme. This is an extremely versatile headphone/headset combo. You can use it as noise cancelling headphones if you're flying or working somewhere noisy. You can use it for gaming or video conferencing by adding the detachable microphone. Audio quality and the ANC was extremely good. It has duel connectivity meaning you can connect simultaneously to your computer and your phone. Just a lot of performance at not a lot of price. Easily outperformed my wife's 'brand name' headphones that cost significantly more. Highly recommended!


Rather good

These headphones are great in most areas but not perfect. Sound Quality: Great and what I expect of headphones around $80. It's not going to change your music experience but you can still enjoy your music just fine. The basses are just there it's not the best but it's not the worst. The highs it seems to struggle with the most voices and singing generally sound pretty good. I've definitely heard better but it's not bad by any means. Better than any cheaper bluetooth headphones I've tried. Noise Cancellation: This noise cancellation is serviceable. There is very little background noise which is really great but there is still a small bit. It also does not cancel out as much noise as some other headphones around this price point I've tried; although those had much more static background noise. So overall I'd say these are pretty good. Seems to block out lower noises better than higher ones. BT Range: These are okay in terms of range. If you're in the same room as your devices it will work; however anything outside of that and it will disconnect. One thing that is a bit rough is if you forget and leave them on i.e. you get up to use the restroom when it goes out of range there's garbled crackling that's very uncomfortable. Other bluetooth headphones simply skip or become a bit garbled or distorted but this pair makes audibly uncomfortable noises if you move past the maximum range. Features: These headphones have a lot of great features. The main ones I liked were sidetone support and multiple device connectivity. The sidetone doesn't seem to work except in calls only so it will only work if you have the mic attached and are in a call. A bit disappointing. The multiple device connectivity does work. It can connect to my Avantree BT receiver and phone at the same time but will not switch to my phone when I start some media playback even if there's nothing currently playing. It seems to switch immediately when I use Siri and I can hear my phone audio but any other time it does not switch. Also a bit disappointing since I will basically only use it for one device now. One of the other big features is the codec support for AptX HD and AptX-LL. If you have a receiver that can take advantage of these then this is a big plus as they usually improve the sound quality or latency a lot. These headphones also are the most in sync with my audio in the first few seconds as well; others I've tried will conserve battery and not play audio until it detects something playing. Which is great but it creates a disconnect from when I hit play and audio actually playing by about 3 seconds. These headphones wait a while before trying to save battery so if I pause and play something I'm not going to get a whole 3 seconds of silence. Comfort: I think one of the best parts about these headphones. The shape is very comfortable and the ear pads are pretty weightless and comfy. They also seal on your head rather well very comfortable and great for noise cancellation. Can also use with glasses just fine. The fact that they are removable is also a big plus for me as if they ever wear out it's easy to change. Overall these are pretty good headphones but not necessarily the best in all areas. Where it shines is the amount of things offered for a relatively cheap price point and the comfort of the design. I also hadn't mentioned but most things are controlled by physical buttons and not motions commands or gestures. Makes things easy once you learn what they do. If you want a good all-around headphones for a cheaper price these are a great option.


Lightweight High-Quality Headphones with Cord/Cord-Fee Options

These headphones are lightweight adjustable and sleek with a black exterior and silver accents; which will match most computer set-ups. High-quality headphones typically come with high prices this set is the exception; for under $100 you get superb sound quality with bass-boosting options (for those bass fanatics like myself) and INCREDIBLE noise canceling. For reference I could not even hear myself when talking to my fiance without yelling haha. The options are endless; the headphones arrive pre-charged and ready to try out the Bluetooth option which is easy to connect or you can opt for the cord option which is provided (note it is on the smaller side). Additionally the boom mic is attachable which is a huge plus-side for my setup since I already have a great microphone I did not need this attachment (I can't account for the microphone quality since it was not necessary for myself.) If you are looking for headphones under $100 with fantastic noise canceling amazing sound quality and endless options to personalize your sound/headset experience then the Avantalk Aria Pro 2 headset is the one for you!


Avantalk Aria Pro 2 bluetooth headset

This headset had a nice professional feel to them. The sound quality on the mic is really good. The speakers are also solid. They have a nice balanced tone quality that sounds clean without being over filtered. The low coverage was good enough for music or movies while the overall sound was perfect for phone calls. The build quality was good. The comfort level is high due to the light weight and soft padding. They dont fit super snug but arent loose. This will vary with peoples head shape and sizes but the fit proved comfortable for longer wearing periods vs others that only feel comfortable the first hour. These feature no gimics or rgb just functional features. The mic is easy to mute and the NC works well without muffling the speakers voice. These paired with the samsung flip3 very easily and worked great with 50ft range. They also paired with the windows 10 intel laptops and didnt have any issues with droping. These do not include a dongle so make sure the device you intend to use is bluetooth compatable. Overall we are happy with these headphones and dont have any legitimate complaints.


Excellent Sound Quality Extremely Comfortable

Avantalk Aria Pro 2 has exceeded my expectations in every way. This wireless headset has truly impressed me with its outstanding features and performance. First and foremost the sound quality of the Aria Pro 2 is exceptional. The audio is crisp clear and immersive allowing me to fully enjoy my music movies and calls. Whether I'm listening to my favorite tunes or engaging in a conference call the headset delivers rich balanced sound that enhances the overall experience. Headset can get much louder (without any distortion) much louder than some of the more expensive headsets I have used. Comfort is another area where the Aria Pro 2 shines. The ergonomic design and plush ear cushions provide a comfortable fit even during extended use. I can wear the headset for hours without any discomfort or fatigue making it perfect for long gaming sessions or work-from-home setups. The battery life of the Aria Pro 2 is also impressive. With up to 24 hours of playtime on a single charge I never have to worry about running out of power. It also features a quick charge function allowing me to get back to using the headset in no time. Have not had much of a need for noise cancelling but works well in filtering out background noise during conference calls mic isolates voice well. Appreciate that the mic can be removed and headset came with a really nice 2 compartment bag to keep my accessories in. Not sure if it was also intended to store the headset but I could not seem to get it to fit. The build quality is excellent. It feels sturdy and durable the intuitive controls make it easy to adjust the volume skip tracks and answer calls without needing to reach for my device. Pairing the headset with my devices was a breeze and the wireless range is impressive allowing me to move around freely without any signal dropouts. In conclusion the Avantalk Aria Pro 2 is a top-notch wireless headset that delivers exceptional sound quality comfort and features. Whether you're a music lover gamer or professional in need of a reliable headset the Aria Pro 2 is definitely worth considering. It has certainly become my go-to choice for wireless audio and I highly recommend it.


Comfy for sure

First sound quality is pretty good. Just listening to music is a pleasant experience with a decently flat EQ with maybe a smidge of extra bass. Sound stage is very closed. If being used only for music it's perfect. The Active Noise Cancelling feature works but mostly for low frequency sounds. With the headphones not playing music the ANC will completely mask fan noise. Higher pitched sounds still get through unimpeded. Things change a little when playing music. Bass is noticeably muddied and sounds heavily distorted. I think the more sub the track has the worse it gets garbled. Comfort is really good. The earcups are the most plush pads I've ever felt. My ears are fully encapsulated without touching anything inside. Surprisingly I didn't get any heat buildup inside but that might change if I had blasted them at full volume for 20 minutes. The microphone is ok. There appears to be a single microphone on the right cup for the whole thing not including the discrete microphone. This might be why the ANC acts kind of weird. With the discrete microphone attached I believe it uses the original mic as a canceller. Either way the quality is limited by Bluetooth protocol which means it's pretty bad. People can understand me quite clearly regardless. Additionally on the microphone there is the 'side-tone' feature which feeds the microphone signal into the headphones for self-listening. It's easy to toggle with a single button. I like having it on personally. There are a LOT of buttons on this thing. Picking up the headphones the wrong way will cause 2 or 3 buttons to get clicked in accidentally.

Ronald W.

Good sound great headphones

I like the boom mic with a good sounding headset. The sound is very good for music and voice. I am using these while working out on my ranch with the tractor. I still haven't done a call yet on the tractor to see how well the mic works with the tractor engine in the background.


Nice Bluetooth Headphones

I am more of an earbud than headphone wearer but I thought I would give these a try. I like that they are over ear and that the material around the ear is very soft and they have a great sound. The ear pieces break down to make the headphones more portable. I like that the microphone is removable and that it has a physical mute switch right on it. Its also cool that it has "sidetone" capability so you can hear yourself through the headphones when you speak. This helps you realize if you are muted or not. The sound cancelation is pretty good although I have had better. It's nice that the headphones come with a carrying bag. Everything seems to be of good quality and has all of the standard controls (volume track skip play/pause) as well as an action button that can be used for calls or to activate your voice assistant on your phone. My favorite feature is that these are Bluetooth multipoint so you can be connected to more than one device at a time (the audio prompts you hear in the headphones will actually say "connect" twice if you have two devices connected). Most bluetooth earbuds and headphones I have had that are in this price range can only be connected to one device at a time and you need to re-pair them if you want to use them somewhere else. These can actually be simultaneously paired to two devices (phone and laptop) so you are listening to music on your phone and you want to play audio on your laptop you can do so without re-pairing or shutting down bluetooth on the phone. Depending on the app it may interrupt the other device or you may need to pause the music because both won't play at the same time. Neat headphones I definitely recommend them.

Austin B.

Very comfortable headset great with calls

This is my first pair of more pricey bluetooth headphones but im not disappointed. theyre very comfortable around my ears i dont feel a painful pressure like i have on other headsets for having on for long periods of time and it has a great battery life. They havent been turned off in 2 days and still have at least half a charge and thats with being used for about 15 hours out of the box. The mic quality is pretty good coming from someone whose gone through many headsets for gaming and making videos.


overall excellence

excellent and complete presentation of a product: the manual is 76 pages in five or six languages with abundant clear drawings and a list of multiple country phone numbers and hours to call. Is it silly to mention the accessory bag? Not that cheesy black plastic thing you may be accustomed to but a large luxurious cloth with an interior lining quality zippers and a spacious side pocket. NOT an audiophile but they sound fine are light and comfortable with every conceivable bell and whistle. Bluetooth connection to android phone and detachable mic with its own power switch were flawless as was wired option (to my old PC). Noise cancellation not that relevant for my in home use. Ear pads buttery soft and replaceable. Plastic body parts do a lot of creaking when maneuvered but get the benefit of the doubt in light of every other high note. Superb package.



These seem fine they have a bit of feedback and there is a bit of crackle with them it could be just these particular ones? They are generally as described and what I expected..

Valentine F.

Good headphones for the price

Considering the price I have to say these are good headphones. The sound quality is not perfect but it is very good the quality of the noise canceling is good but gives me a bit of a sensation like I am in an airplane - not as good as my Boise headphones - but 1/3 the price as well. The quality of the headphones themselves is good but not perfect. They are very comfortable and swivel at three points to fit any shape of head comfortably but one of the swivels on the right side is slightly sticky - not super bad but it is a quality point. The mic works very well and I am pleased with this the connection to my phone and computer were seamless and much of the experience of using these headphones you knew they are supposed to be premium headphones and doing a good job of getting there but not perfect. But again 1/3 the price so I still give them 4 stars as a great product.


Very good budget alternative to Dingus McBingus

These are clearly inspired by a certain other brand in terms of design and features but at a third of the price. They do offer comperable performance and for a work pair of headphones these are honestly great. The mic quality is fine with the boom I like the mute switch on the boom itself makes it very easy to toggle on or off. Comfort wise great. I can wear these all day. The sound is more than passable not quite on the high end some of the balancing is a bit wonky but it seems these are more focused towards work use so its fine. Good for vocals voices come in loud and clear and crispy. Battery is ludicrous. I have been using these with ANC on for multiple days and it still is at like 88% battery. Speaking of the ANC while not perfect it is shockingly good for headphones at this price beats the snot out of the ANC on some slightly more pricier headphones I have. I am very impressed with these. They are not perfect but they are definately a cut above the others. Definately worth it if you need a good headset with ANC for work or just to keep household noise out. Solid solid B+ overall from me.